Beda it's a company that produces custom-made furniture.

Our professionalism in the industry is based on many years of experience combined with a young design team.

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Beda it's a company that produces custom-made furniture.
Nasz zespół na zdjęciu w kolorze czarno-białym Nasz zespół na zdjęciu w kolorze

It's us!

We are a company with many years of tradition and experience. Deciding to cooperate with us, you will receive a guarantee of furnishing your apartment in a unique style from the best materials available on European market. 

You will receive a personalized project made in our showroom with a comprehensive valuation durnig a first meeting. 


How to choose a good contractor ?

Can low price go hand in hand with quality ?

There are many custom-made furniture manufacturers on the market. By deciding to buy a product from BEDA Meble you will eliminate the possibility of any imperfections - ideal workmanship and use of best quality materials guarantee a perfect reproduction of the project, made in one of our showrooms.

Designing furniture with us, nothing limits you- together we will create the furniture of your dreams. 

  • Experience


    we have many years of experience on the market

  • A leader in the industry

    A leader in the industry

    we are the industry leader



    we use best quality materials



    we create individual projects at the first visit in our showroom



    we use modern design technologies



    our measurements using the latest methods are perfect



    if you are looking for a company that cares about meeting deadlines, you've come to the right place



    we are able to meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers

How does the process of starting cooperation look like

contact us
Making an appointment

Making an appointment

By phone or e-mail

Creating a project together

Creating a project together

Valuation during the creation of the project

Valuation during the creation of the project


How to prepare for valuation of custom-made furniture?

Dear Customer, if you want to receive the most accurate valuation, follow a few steps that make the process easier for us. Thanks to this, a visit in our showroom will be faster and more satisfying.

  1. Take a self- measurement of the room/wall/niche, where a new furniture it's about to be placed. Measure the width of the walls, the depth of the niche and the hight of the room.
  2. If you can, take the picture of the room - it's very helpful.
  3. If there are electrical sockets, wires, ventilation openings- measure them too. Also measure window openings.
  4. Come with your own dimensions to our showroom.      If you have your own project or inspiration, take it with you.
  5. Book a time for us and we will show you your options on the spot - we will discuss fittings and materials.
  6. Together with You we will create the project tailored individually to your needs.
  7. You will receive the valuation and the project right away on the spot.
make an appointment

If you are interested in our offer, we will arrange a precise measurement, after which, we will verify the project - now we will be ready to sign the contract.

frequently asked questions FAQ

The initial valuation is completly for free. You just have to come to one of our showrooms with your own (approximate) dimensions. Then we will select materials, discuss the construction and prepare the preliminary design and quote. 

Yes! Then we don't add the cost of assembly in valuation and we rely on customer's measurement. We generate instruction for assembly. 

If we have free dates in the assembly calendar, the waiting time is 4-6 weeks depending on the selected material. 

We divide the payment for furniture into three tranches. The first - 50% payable during signing the contract. The second- 40% payable 2-3 days before assembly. The last -10% paid when assembly is completed. 

Until the date of assembly ordered furniture, the old ones should be dismantled and the room/wall/niche schould be empty. 

The furniture assembly time depends on the quantity and size of ordered furniture: the assembly of wardrobe usually takes 1 day, the assembly of the kitchen - 4 days. In the case of kitchen the worktop is always assembled after additional measurement, when the lower cabinets are installed, i.e. about one week later. 

We mostly rely on the German brand - Hettich. 

Our wardrobes are a complete piece of furniture- they have sides, partitions and back plate. We don't mount wardrobe elements to the walls. 

The bodies of our furniture are made of 18mm thick laminate board, covered with ABS edging. We mainly use Swiss Krono laminate boards.

Fronts, apart from laminate board, can be made of Polglos acrylic, lacquer or Proform. We also offer glass fronts in metal frames. 

To perform a reliable measurement, the room should have real dimensions- i.e. renovation, construction schould be completed. In addition, the walls where the new furniture will be located, can't be obstructed by existing furniture- we must have access to all connections or larger curvatures. 

We ALWAYS perform the measurement after the initial valuation in one of our showrooms. Then it's completely for free. 

Our showrooms are staffed by qualified designers who will provide you with professional advice. Book your time, and together we will create the design of your future furniture. 

No. In showroom you will see, how our furniture looks like, choose materials and discuss the construction. Only then the valuation will be accurate. 

Both, acrylic and lacquer can be glossy and matt. Visually, the acrylic element is finished with a rim, while the lacquered element has no joints on the edges. Acrylic is more resistant to mechanical damage and UV radiation. Lacquer can change color faster through oxidation and it's much easier to scratch it, but it's suitable for milling while acrylic can be cut into simple shapes. Acrylic limits us to choose the color offered by the gived manufacturer, lacquer has a full palette of colors (RAL, NCS). In terms of price, acrylic is much cheaper material. 


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